Get out of the way

Why aren’t you doing the things you want to do?

Right here, right now what’s stopping you?

Who or what is standing in your way?

How much of your  path is blocked by obstacles

And how much of it is blocked by your own reluctance?

Being a participant is a choice, a posture;

Its moving forward as best as you can ,

with what you have at your disposal.

In this instant.

And being on the lookout for more.

Being a spectator is also a choice,

Its coming to the game with the expectation

Of being entertained,

Waiting for someone else’s contribution.

There are limits to the blame we can lay

On the circumstances that hinder us,

Because it is all too easy to use the challenges we face

As a mask for our own inertia.

Some of the side effects of waiting for change

Are being blind to see the line where your  own race begins

And being deaf to the sound of opportunity.

If you hold on to your excuses tightly enough, with some luck

They may become a permanent part of who you are.


Get out of your own way.



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