International Yoga Day with the World Spine Care Yoga Project

When you think of yoga, you may imagine large studios, great yoga pants and elaborate poses. With the World Spine Care Yoga project, yoga is being used to help people in under-served communities manage spinal pain.

June 21st is International Yoga Day and we came out in celebration of the day with our yoga class in Shoshong, Botswana. Despite the cold, the class was held outside in the Shoshong clinic grounds as the dedicated crew of yogis came to twist and stretch towards morning sun.

Many of the participants in the yoga project patients at the World Spine Care clinic and come twice a week for the class. The Yoga Project aims to be a tool for self-care for patients with spinal pain that is free and manageable for even the most inflexible participants.

Consistent with the values of World Spine Care, the Yoga project is led by the local community. The yoga teachers who were trained in the basic yoga protocols are from Shoshsong, teaching the classes in Setswana and keeping the project culturally relevant. This is perhaps the most encouraging thing about the project; the enthusiasm of the teachers and participants in the classes week after week, creating a culture of spine care for those who need it most.

You can discover more about our yoga project here.

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