The trouble with the narrative of victimhood
Particularly when it comes to feelings of being discriminated against,
Is that it tends to over-simplify the circumstances
That play out.
Creating perfectly innocent victims and unforgivably selfish villains
And often downplaying inconvenient truths
Or exaggerating offences.
Its not there really aren’t uneven scales at play
Or that the odds are unjustifiably against some of us,
Because they are.
But being a victim does not make us infallibly right.
It is not a justification all on its own.
It does not grant us immunity from responsibility.
And it definitely isn’t pure enough by itself to be the entire narrative of our lives.
Life is unfair. And it shouldn’t be.
But lets not forget that having the moral upper hand has been used to gain leverage for selfish agendas by many before who have become oppressors in their own right today
And yet they still wave the flag of victimhood.
Sure, speak up. Speak out. Be heard.
But if we are waiting for life to change in order for our narrative to change
Then we are going to be victims for a while.

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