Dreams are costly.
Indeed,they are free to have
But they are costly to chase.
They might lead you down a path that others deem irresponsible,
On a journey that will exhaust your resources,
Jeopardize your reputation,
Put you in danger of bankruptcy
And if you’re lucky, your dream might lead certain people in your life to maintain the rhythms of regular life so that you can keep chasing the unseen.
Here’s a shout out to the someones behind the scenes who cover the cost of making dreams possible;
The parents living modest lives so that they can fund their children’s,
The spouses who handle business at home so that their partners can run their race as best they can,
The friends who lend you money when you have no means to pay them back,
The investors and sponsors who literally breathe life into aspirations that would have otherwise died painful deaths in our hearts and minds, never to see the sun.
You know yourselves.
I too have had dreams that would have never been pursued had it not been for a whole lot of someones believing in them.
Believing in me.
To all of you,
Thank you.

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