Inconvenience is temporary

Inconveniences, ultimately, remain that way in part because we treat them as things taking us out of our way.
As things we would rather be without
It’s inconvenient to have to take the long way around to work
But if you had a good enough reason to take the longer route
It becomes a part of plan.
It’s the reason that makes it worth it.
There are many things in life that are really not worth it,
But there are some that are- they just get in the way of our particular plans.
Our reasons for not speaking up, not showing up, not adding to the conversation, not helping out when it is our power to act, not insisting on truth or demanding justice for others- could all be because it’s inconvenient.
Sure. Maybe.
And it will remain that way as long as it is on the periphery on the agenda.
Often, inconvenience is code for something not being a big enough deal with.
It’s the reason that makes it worth it.

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