Topsy Turvy

One challenge of being in charge of a venture
Is that we are not aware of how challenging it is
To be the one to carry the vision of the project forward,
To be the one to have to steer the ship.
Its easy to long, in that moment, for a clear idea of what to do next:
Who to approach, who to turn away from and reject
And what to pursue relentlessly – but then you wouldn’t be in charge would you?
You’d just be following instructions.
Because now that you are steering the ship,
You are in charge of the mess that might show up on your stoop
You own the narrative of your work, which, by the way, your critics are hellbent to misinterpret.
You’re responsible for the fuzzy path of progress;
For salaries at the end of the month
For nappies to change
For new opportunities for the slow months
For picking out the new school
For the next sponsor to buy into what you’re trying to make happen.
The path of being a leader is topsy turvy-
Where the idea of being in charge gives you freedom of choice
Yet binds you irrevocably to the consequences of those choices.

With great power comes great responsibility
-Peter Parker, Spiderman

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