Good school-ism

Besides the exclusion that people slap across your face based on where you did (or didn’t) go to school,

There is often a self-disqualification that often takes place within.

The feeling of self-abasement when you find yourself in the presence of those

Who went to better schools.

You tell yourself there are certain places you don’t belong

Certain ideas too lofty for you to reach for.

You play out the scenario to the end in your head,

Telling yourself it’s for our own good;

Spare yourself the embarrassment. The disappointment.

But worse than having a door closed on you,

Is never opening it.

Not even knocking.

Walking right past the door, pretending you didn’t see it.

Stifling the thought of “Maybe”

Silencing voices of possibility.

Good school-ism is the act of only including those that went to prestigious schools on one side

And excluding oneself on the same basis on the other.

It’s a weak excuse for unmerited bias for those doing the excluding

And an easy road to victimhood for the excluded.

Does this lead to communities we can be proud to be a part of?

Good or bad, your school need not define you.


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