Great men still need ears

To hear the world that they can so easily

Insulate themselves from,

And to make out the words being whispered

By the least privileged among us,

Lest they find themselves becoming oppressors.

For it is becoming increasingly apparent

That the most successful among us

Tend to develop a peculiar kind of deafness

That comes from living high on a throne for so long.

Come down often from your high position,

Refuse to be flattered by your own greatness

Close your mouth long enough to hear another speak,

Be wary lest you become an oppressor,

And make us doubt whether power is ever anything more than

Glorified self-interest.

History has proven that oppression breeds the rebellion

That eventually overthrows it.

To the leaders of politics, business, technology and healthcare

Be wary lest you become unknowingly deaf to the world you have helped create.

Keep your ears open.

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