My people

So many people come into our lives.

The kind man who offered you a seat in the bus and ended up having the most interesting conversation with,

The young girl you helped in a vulnerable situation

The person you met at a volunteering experience,

The unlikely friends you made at university

The pretty girl you invited to a bible class,

The first person you met when you joined a new church.

There are so many people who walk who through our lives

Some for minutes

Some for months

Some unforgettable

Some hard to recall,

It’s important to know which ones are yours,

The ones you can know are ‘your people’.

Know who they are

While you still have them

Celebrate them.

Keep them close.

Even from a distance,

Coz life brings us people

That introduce us to songs our hearts had always longed to hear

To places our souls will remember forever,

To conversations that make us remember things long forgotten.

Some became family

Others were barely friends

And some still made a mark in their own way.

Know your people

Love them well.

In memory of Shannon,

Rest easy.

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