In the face of making great art and doing meaningful work

Is the very great likelihood of imperfection.

Not quite making something remarkable,

Every time.

Today the ruby never seems to sparkle

No matter how much you shine.

You see, the promise of procrastination

Is that tomorrow you will have a better shot

at perfection.

Yet this comes at the expense of a real step

Towards progress today.

Indeed writer’s block is a real thing.

Perhaps it is the desire for every thing you write

To be a deal-signer.

A hit.

Well, most of the time

For most of us

The words we manage to pen in a day

Almost always pale in comparison

To the perfect sentences we faintly perceive yet fail to construct.

Perhaps one key to better writing

Is looking at the best you could do today

And choose imperfection.

For often creatives are their own biggest critics.

Go ahead. Write it.

Maybe lightning will strike tomorrow.

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