By Zero

Many of us have more ideas and aspirations

Than tangible accomplishments.

You may have little in your hands

But there is possibility just beyond your present reality

In the realm of your imagination. Sometimes you can almost taste it.

But your thoughts need feet.

Your best intentions

Multiplied by zero action

Gives you a grand total of a certain zero.

Life experience will happen whether you like it

Or not.

The question is what are you getting experience in?

Great excuses multiplied by days of life

Does not result in great experiences.

If not for anything else,

Then at least try that thing you’ve been putting off

For the sake of a good laugh

Or a story of how you did your very best.

Send that text.

Tell her you love her.

Apply. Launch. Write. Record. Invent.


Pitch up.

Whether you win or lose

At least you were in the game.

Better than zero.

He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who regards the clouds will not reap

-Ecclesiastes 11:4

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