On mute

I recently started a new job.
Its a chance to decide, again
How I am going to show up.
To determine what kind of energy
People can expect from me.
A clean slate of sorts.
However, I have also noticed
An inner pull to want to be the safest
Version of myself.
To censor insights and ideas that might not
Quite fit with how things are currently done here.
To dial back a little on the openness,
Keep my head down
And be what I think is needed.
On mute.
Deep down I think its a fear
Of being misunderstood.
Yet when I really think about it
Being understood is rarely ever a prerequisite
For being fully present.
If anything, being honest and bringing
Your heart to work is the best way to be known.
Yet the pull towards quiet conformity grows daily.
The irony is that being the new kid on the block
When I have no track record
Or image to maintain,
Is a perfect time to show up
As generously as possible.
If there is ever a time to click
It is now.

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