On “knowing your place”

Being reminded of “your place”

Can be humbling.

When the kind of projects you dream of doing

And the ones you actually do

Don’t even remotely match- it can be jarring.

Demotivating even.

Especially now when there always seems to be

Peers on our timelines prospering in ways

We wish we could.

But rather than chaffing at the idea

Of “knowing your place”

And taking that as a cue for reserving your best self

For better projects that are “worthy” of you,

Perhaps it can be an opportunity to take stock.

You have no track record.

Nobody knows you.

Or what you are capable of.

All we know of you is the attitude you bring

And the posture you assume.

More important than the size of the project,

Or your next move being a game changer

Is the kind of person you are becoming along the way.

Trust is earned.

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