Getting into the festive mood

Is a decision.
In this part of the world
Many people decide from December 1st.
And that decision creates a buoyancy
That can usually last til January 2nd or so,
When we “get back to reality”.
But for the duration of the festive period,
Many of us subconsciously choose
To navigate the world with an eye on the upswing
With calls for everyone to count their blessings and such.
The season kind of demands it.

The pandemic came with its own demands
Of how we ought to feel and navigate the world-
Fear. Caution. Self-preservation.
Keeping an eye on the downturn;
A heightened consciousness of what’s gone wrong
And what could go wrong at any time.
The reality, of course,
Is that on any given day of any given year
There is almost always an upswing and a downturn.
The mood, therefore,
Is determined by what you have your eye on.

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