The harrowing prayer of Christ in that garden

Did not change His circumstance.

Indeed it was His last few moments

Before going up to be crucified,

A crucifixion He spoke of repeatedly.

The contents of the prayer

Reveal a level of vulnerability

That is most unsettling.

Christ accepts His crushing fate

While expressing His desire

For a different way.

He did not consider His Father unjust,

He did not begrudgingly approach the cross,

Nor did He downplay

The distress He was under-

He took it up with His Father.

Christ had a will of His own,

And He did not consider it improper

Nor rebellious to express it.

He was honest in His obedience

Genuine in His sacrifice.

He rend His heart and made His request,

Yet He held no entitlement to the outcome.

In the end when the words had been spoken

And the blood-infused sweat

Stained His brow,

He said amen and rose from His knees.

He had said His piece.

And now made peace-

What was to be done was His Father’s will

And not His own.

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