Here’s a (non exhaustive) list of things

You don’t need permission for:

1. Kindness.

2. Showing up on time.

3. Taking responsibility for stuff no one says thank you for.

4. Washing someone else’s plate.

5. Sharing a good idea.

6. Making something of that idea.

7. Forgiveness.

8. Being happy with a little bit of progress.

9. Putting your phone down and picking up a book.

10. Calling your Mum.

11. Figuring out how to make things a little bit better.

12. Saving money.

13. Starting a business.

14. Leaving a heartfelt and helpful comment.

15. Saying sorry.

16. Praying.

17. Wearing your favorite shoes.

18. Writing a book.

19. Taking a leap of faith.

20. Greeting first.

21. Smiling at yourself in the mirror.

22. Laughing at dumb mistakes instead of beating yourself up about it.

23. Moving on.

None of these things are compulsory,

But doing them makes a difference.

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