When will ‘real life’ begin?

For the vast majority of us

Who cannot say ‘I’ve made it’

We may find ourselves on our way

To ‘making it’ for a long while still.

So while we are on our way,

It is not uncommon to feel as though

This season of pushing for a better life, is a kind of


A curtain raiser to the main event.

If that is the case, then when will “real life”


When there’s a ring on your finger?

When you’ve finally lost weight?

When you have the kind of job that truly rewards you?

When you move into your own place?

When you finally own a home?

When you get ‘verified’ on social media?

When you make the New York Times bestseller list?

When you have no more points to prove?

When people finally understand what you’re trying to do?

When you finally graduate?

When you have a six-figure salary?

When you win a Grammy?

When your family is finally at peace with itself?

When you’ve overcome all your flaws?

When you have a president you like?

When you’re no longer so insecure?

When the pandemic is over?

Whether or not our dreams come true

Who we are today matters.

And it matters not just because

What we do and who we are today may contribute

To the likelihood of one day “making it.”

Today matters simply because it happened.

And we were in it.

Each day is a gift,

Not a stepping stone.

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