First brick

The first brick laid for a building

Is not likely to be particularly significant in and of itself.

It weighs the same as any other brick.

It has no unique features

Nothing to set it apart from other bricks,

Only that it was laid first.

In fact, the unremarkable nature of the first brick

Is what the second and third brick are counting on

To play their part.

The first few steps taken early in a career

Can often be quite unremarkable.

Not what you dreamed of

Not unique

Not using all of your skills

Not particularly outstanding.

A brick.

There may not be much to write home about the

Tasks you get to do early on,

Because It typically involves. stuff no one will remember

Or won’t even matter beyond the work day.

What will matter are the the lessons learned

And the relationships made.

The attitudes we chose to show up with early on

Subtly set the tone of careers we will build.

What makes the first brick significant

Is the fact that it was laid.

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