The hedgehog

There is a form of introversion

That involves folding in tightly on oneself

In order to process matters privately.

Not out of cowardice

Or a lack of character

But rather a natural adaptation

Of needing time alone

To make sense of the world-

Especially if there is conflict.

For they consider conflict a meal

Best served cold.

Not everyone says what is on their mind

On demand,

Some personalities need to dig deep.


Being a “straight talker” is a personality type

Not a virtue.

For the hedgehog,

Important conversations are rarely ready at the lips.

The prickly awkwardness that

This form of introversion creates

Is often misunderstood.

The hedgehog needs time to process

To give nuance to their thoughts

To balance the scales of sliding emotions,

To make peace with themselves

Before they make peace with the world.

If you ever find yourself head to head

With the personality of the hedgehog

Be sure to remember that

Underneath the prickly exterior

Is a heart that beats

Just like yours.

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