There are many lessons that life brings our way

That are a lot more practical than would have liked.

Much simpler to watch a TED Talk

Or listen to a podcast

Or if we are really serious even read a book about it

But to actually go through the stuff?

That doesn’t always seem necessary.

And yet the greatest “How to” lessons that life has to offer

Are rarely ever learned by being told;

How to keep a relationship alive,

How to overcome your own self-sabotaging tendencies

How to forgive people who don’t deserve it

How to set boundaries

How to get up off the ground

How to stop beating yourself up

How to be an adult.

How to be human.

These are all a critical part of the curriculum of life.

There will always be a video to watch

A course to attend,

A book to read.

But for lessons like these and others like them,

Theory just doesn’t cut it.

Go through it.

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