Abantu bazothini?

Vanhu vanozotii?

What will people say?

When they see you pursuing a passion project

When you already have a job?

When they see you writing down your thoughts

And sharing them?

What if you are terrible and people see it and laugh at you?

What will people say if you suddenly start living within your means

And were honest about what you can afford?

What will people think if you

When they see you sign up for a leadership program

When you don’t even have a title?

When they see you working a a menial job

When you have a degree.

Who are these “people” –

Who carry so much clout

Even in their absence?

Absence from your inner circle

Absent from your target audience

Absent from your journey and ultimately

They should be absent from the list of people

Who have jurisdiction in your life.

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