If “Only being human”

Means not holding each other accountable,

Giving people “room” to break promises,

Excusing poor decisions

Or flat out covering up a mess we currently don’t have the courage to address –

Then we make “being human”

Out to be weak. Fickle.

Incapable of doing what we say we will.

But that’s obviously not true.

Humans have been able to put aside strong urges today

For better outcomes tomorrow for centuries.

Humans know how to show up for things they care about.

Humans can resist temptation.

Humans can do better than complain.

Humans can rise to the occasion.

They know how to apologise

How to do what it takes to build community

Be honest

Be honorable

Be accountable.

They are capable of caring enough about the world to show up for it.

Yes, humans are error-prone

But they are capable of so much more-

Hold them to it.

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