True colours

When does someone show you their “true colours”?

The moment they disappoint you?

When they set boundaries you think are “too much”?

Choose differently to what you expected?

Call you out?

Humans are more than one thing,

And our feelings about each other can often be mixed.

Sometimes people simply outgrow each other

And other times they’ve just had a bad day.

“True colours” are probably not seen clearest

In the darkest moments of a relationship

But rather in light of a shared history.

Not everyone has an agenda

Not everyone just wants to take from you.

If you are lucky enough in this life

You may get to meet people

Who show their “true colours”

Every day;

Some people stick around

Simply because they care,

And maybe one day they’ll hurt you

But you may come to find those wounds

To be more honest and true

Than a hundred kisses.

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