Awakening fault

There’s a posture of heart

That sees life as a series of events

That happen to us

And our response to those events

Is somewhat inevitable,

Somehow putting the responsibility on another.

If you stumble on a stone

The stone is at fault

For being on your path,

Or if I am angered by something you say

It is your words at fault

For aggravating me.

Or if I am offended by something you do

The fault is entirely with you and your deeds

And my heart is just a burn victim.

But what if all along

You never had good balance

And your eyesight was dodgy

And the stone was merely awakening

What was already there?

What if your bursts of anger, offence and irritation

Were quietly festering in your heart all along

Simply waiting for an opportunity?

There will always be rocks on our path

But not every one will cause us to stumble.

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