In our times

In the last twenty years

With the rise of the internet

Many things have become possible

That weren’t always-

Suddenly we could hold hands with people

We have never met in person

And experiences places our feet may never tread.

Yet what we have found

Is that with the waves of possibility

Come floods of distraction:

We live from one meeting to another

Punctuated by endless notifications on our phones

And the never ending ‘catch up’ to

The world that never sleeps-

But we do. We need sleep.

And our time is limited.

So this is a call to resist the worst irony

Of our times:

Of having so much at our disposal to bring value to the world

And yet choosing to only be enthusiastic consumers instead

Why not rather contend to create? To find out what’s possible?

To create just as passionately as we consume?

We wrote a book. Join us for the launch.

Hope to see you there.

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