Who is good health care for?

For the ones who can afford it?

The ones who don’t have pre-existing conditions?

The ones who easily comply?

The ones who “get it”?

Or perhaps the ones already educated about health,

The ones who won’t miss appointments

Or ask dumb questions

Or make unreasonable demands?

Or perhaps its for the ones who can really speak up for themselves?

The ones who know how to “exercise the right to not die of a preventable disease?”

Maybe its for people who live in ‘nicer’ countries with money to spare

Or with leaders who care?

For those with access to private jets

And private nurses

Or have the phone number of the specialist in town?

Maybe it’s for a future generation

that doesn’t have our inequality

Nor our ‘brain drain’

Nor our underfunded health care systems run by overpaid officials

Who do not utilise the very health care they provide their own citizens.

Maybe it’s for a future generation that

One day will answer the question of

“Who is good health care for?”


“Anyone who needs it.”

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