The morning that changed everything.

When death was defied

And the gravest injustice

Was simultaneously the greatest redemption.

The ultimate come back story

Where a man who claimed to be God

Came back with the receipts.

Larger than life,

His Person looms over human history



His story told and retold over millennia

Yet never losing its potency.

One part of the world turns its back on Him

While another awakens to the reality of Christ,

One generation tells the next of this Jesus

That they too might walk with Him.

Born poor, yet He acquired a security

No human circumstance could ever muster,

No political office

Yet He has radicalised billions.

More than an underdog

Christ had the power to withhold his own life

So His was a death by self-restraint,

And yet, powerful as He is,

He chooses to sit with the weak in darkness.

Bearing our burden

Shouldering our weakness

The bullet meant for us, pierced His heart.

And now with His scars

His body bears the marks of our freedom.

The greatest Lover men will ever know

The dearest Friend with whom our hearts will ever commune,

The Ancient One

As intimate with the human condition today

As ever before-

He is the Risen Christ.

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