We are not living in the Matrix.

There is no red pill or blue pill to choose from.

There is no alternate reality where nothing goes wrong

And all your choices lead to exactly where you want to go.

Real life is non-binary

There are often several paths to choose from

But the outcomes are never guaranteed

And the pay-offs are delayed.

The choices aren’t ‘’Happy’ and ‘Not happy’

Living your best life or screwing it all up.

Our trajectories are rarely linear

For better or for worse.

There are setbacks and come backs

Moments of redemption and seasons of falling from grace.

Not getting into the school you always wanted

Doesn’t mean you are destined to struggle

Nor does getting your dream job

Keep you immune from the possibility of burn out.

We learn from history

But we have no way of knowing

How differently our lives would have turned out

If certain things had happened differently.

Life is too much of a big and terrifying and beautiful thing

To be boiled down to a coin toss-

Heads you are happy with your choices

Tails you have regrets.

We get it all.

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