Who you become along the way

Is just as important as what you are hoping for.

There is nothing as pitiful as not having

The appropriate palate to savour the goodness

You have been longing for,

To die of thirst at the foot of a fountain,

To have a masterpiece in your hands

Yet struggle to see the beauty before you.

This is the curse of many pioneers

Who led others, but never tasted the fruit

of their promised land

The freedom fighters who became oppressors

The war time leaders

Who found no rest in times of peace.

The ones who break generational cycles

And yet never lose the chip on their shoulder,

The “firsts” who break glass ceilings

And then struggle to recognize themselves once they’ve made it.

The prospects of future success are addictive,

Drawing us in and seducing us to focus on nothing else,

Only to find that once success arrives in the present

It needs a whole human heart

To handle it well.

May we grow with our dreams

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