Are not absolutely limiting.
Many of the legends we admire have had limitations
That would make most of us tremble:
From disease to discrimination
The threat is always real.
And the fact that victory
Isn’t certain
Makes the story
That much more compelling.
Our limitations need not absolutely limit us
They can be the walls that narrow our focus,
The containers that help us hold the cup of our ambitions
With our own hands.
Finding out that there are no back-ups to fall back on
Brings out a kind of creativity that assumed abundance
Simply can’t bring about.
Some of us are only telling our stories
Because we knew no one else would.
Knowing that our time is limited
Somehow makes it matter more,
And realizing that we could have failed
Makes success taste that much more sweet.
Our limitations need not be our enemies
As something we ceaselessly wish away,
Indeed they may just be working
For our ultimate good.

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