Creativity = Rebellion

There are things worth rebelling against:
Disadvantaging the vulnerable
Perpetuating a poor track record
A culture of exclusion
Superficial unity
Unequal scales.
Finding ways to do things better
Often requires intentonal steps in unpopular directions-
The thing about the status quo
Is that no one feels responsible for it
Yet everyone not pushing against it
Makes it possible.
In civic life we celebrate people today who were once considered trouble makers
And in artistic spaces it is often the difficult unprovoked work
Done when no one seems to care
That forms the necessary backbone
To see a project through.
To be creative is to be rebellious
In the best possible sense of the word:
To change the order of things-
Whether its changing a silent, mourning room to one filled with melodies that hold up the broken,
Or creating pathways for underserved people to get health care
And yes, joining a revolution to end the oppression of a people-
Creativity is rebellion.

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