God helps those who help themselves?

If God is who He says He is
And we’re all stumbling across the face
Of His blue planet
Then even our greatest feats
And wildest ambitions
Are only made possible because of Him-
Indeed even the intelligence we wield as though it were
A creation of our own will
Is only made possible by a Being
Who knit the very fabric of reality together
With His words.
Is that really the kind of Person who
Needs a little encouragement
To get things going?
In our attempts to make sense of this wild thing
Called life
We often simplify the complexity of existence
And make ourselves the heroes of our own stories,
With events all lining up in ways that make sense to us
And our agendas.
But if there really is a God
He is surely not benign,
Waiting for us to get our act together,
Only helping those who help themselves.
God doesn’t have a self-help, middle-class complex
Where everyone gets what they deserve-
His standards are insurmountably high
Yet His mercy is higher,
He is powerful yet accessible
Insanely demanding yet utterly gracious
And He goes out of His way
To help those who can’t help themselves.

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