Hard Hands. Soft Hearts

In the end, this is what we hope for.
Hard hands.
To have used our strength
To contend for the weak
And make war against
The darkness within and without,
Spending ourselves
On the things that matter most
And bearing the scars
Of holding on to hope.
Soft hearts.
In a world where discord is too easy-
To have chosen the way of love,
In the face of relentless disappointment –
To have silenced our inner grumble.
To have found forgiveness and
Given it.
To have taken a hold of freedom
And let go of self-sabotage.
To have found peace
When looking in the mirror.
To form calluses on our hands
While removing them from our hearts,
For our barns to be filthy
And our hearts made clean.
O, to be changed along the way
Into people with
Hard hands and soft hearts

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