Every new morning now seems to be
Christened by algorithms
As much as by the sunrise
It seems we are either online
Or thinking about being there
We spend more time peering into screens
Than into the eyes of other human beings
So many calls
For our orbitals
Its hard to know where to look.
And there are so many things to see
So many shiny moving parts
And yet
Our attention is not infinite
Our eyes can only stay open for so long
Our minds receptive for just a few hours
And O how easy it is to spend so many hours
From sun up to sun down
Our faces aglow
With the pixels of virtual reality.
We now live it seems
In multiple worlds at once,
The ones with back pain and unwashed dishes in the sink
With real humans that finish the hot water
And another world that brings realities from the ends of the earth
Into our bedrooms
And vice versa;
Our feeble attempt at omnipresence.
We are finite beings
Grappling with a living breathing thing
That we created
That seems to have infinite capacities
Or at least ones greater than our own.
And so in our hopes to ‘keep up’
We live divided
One foot here
The other out there-
Neither of these worlds
Quite fully holding our attention

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