How long can we keep this going?

Sustainable endeavours

Aren’t obviously so at the beginning.

Longevity can be planned for

But never guaranteed.

In the early days

When hope is what gets us out of bed

There’s always good reasons to fail,

So in the absence of a track record

And a long list of unknowns

All we can do is throw ourselves

Into things we have only envisioned

But never quite grasped.

How long can you keep giving so freely?

How long can you keep evolving?

How long can you evade cynicism?

How long will your love last?

How long will your organisation be around for?

It’s hard to say whether anything we do

Will be here or worth remembering

Decades from now.

And maybe it doesn’t seem like it will,

But if it matters, then that’s not a reason to show up half heartedly today.

If what you care about has any chance of making it

Beyond tomorrow,

With all the possibilities of failure,

Acting thoughtfully and intentionally

Is your only bet.

How long can we keep this going?

God willing –

As long as we want.

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