The case for brevity

How many words does it take

To make a point?

Are the words on a page

Seeds of ideas

Or the entire tree?

Is the author painting you a picture

Or giving you a paintbrush?

Answering questions

Or asking them?

Are words meant to fill up the readers mind

Or should they leave room to think?

Is brevity just a symptom

Of the Digital Age, where content atrophies

To the collective decline in attention span?

Or could there be a better reason

For keeping it short?

There are many, many benefits

Of spelling everything out in a blog post

And exhausting every avenue of thought,

But for me brevity is a choice I make with intention;

Selecting just enough words

To hopefully trigger a cascade

Of thought and emotion,

Nudging the reader

Into a space of contemplation.

What is writing for,

If not to provide a vocabulary

For the human experience?

And who says you need a lot

Of words for that?

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