Thorns in the flesh

Accountability, done right,
People that have the courage
To call things out
Are often portrayed as being
So unnecessary
So contrarian
So unwilling to just let things be
And let ‘our way of life’
Go on.
And yet there is nothing more constant
To mankind than change.
And it is unlikely that change will happen
Without friction
Without uncomfortable conversations
Without pushing back on things
We’ve let ourselves overlook.
The people we now call pioneers and change makers
Were once inconvenient youths,
Nagging thorns in somebody’s flesh.
If the status quo does not serve us all
Then change is always on the way.
If your cause is about change
About progress
About making things better
Then more likely than not
If any headway at all is to be made
Then to those for whom you are fighting
You will be a champion worth celebrating
And yet invariably to others
You too will be a
Thorn in the flesh.

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