Broken Femurs

Looking out for one another
Is seminal to why
We’ve made it so far.
When anthropologists considered
The first signs of civilisation
They looked for
Broken femurs
That had healed,
As that meant that at some point
After breaking a leg
And invariably becoming a burden,
The wounded person belonged
To the kind of community
That cared for people,
Who could not carry their own weight-
For long enough
To allow their brokenness
To heal.
Could it be, that
When the poor among us
Perish quickly
It’s not a sign that they were ‘lazy’
Or had failed to plan ahead
But more an indication that
They didn’t really have the support they needed?
Being a part of the so called one percent
Shouldn’t be our idea
Of the height of what it means to be human.
Indeed what’s the use of
Making so much money
In a world we can’t be proud of?

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