Our children may neglect our words

But they will rarely fail to follow in our footsteps.

Pandemics and civil unrests have a way

Of bringing out the worst in many of us,

Adding fuel to the fires

That have already been burning

And regardless of which side of the argument you fall

It helps to ask the question

“What story are we telling with our lives?”

Is it okay to buy all the toilet paper

So that no one else has?

Or is it okay to loot all the toilet paper

So no one else has?

What does that say about us?

What we are willing to do

When we are desparate?

There are aspects of both

Privilege and poverty

That are learned, passed down

Like a gene

From watching the actions of our fathers,

Hearing the implications in our mothers’ tone

And being immersed in codes of conduct

That are deeply understood and adhered to

But often left unsaid.

We are teaching our kids how to be human

By how we are acting right now-

How’s the lesson going so far?

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