Mercenary Relationships

There is a popular narrative
About the kinds people we surround ourselves with,
Encoursging us to sit with the strong and
To seek out the physically attractive
And the powerful
Because the ‘smart’ thing to do
Is to make sure you are surrounded
By people that can give you a leg up in life
One way or the other.
While negative peer pressure is a real problem,
And the people in our life have an impact on our lives,
Thinking of relationships in this way
Is basically using people.
So all day long, online and in person
We engage in an elaborate
Social experiment
Trying to see what we will
‘Get out of a relationship’
When we interact and ‘make bonds’
With the ‘right kind of people.’
Quietly keeping tabs
On how others’ are doing
And keeping an eye out for the next target
For our own upward mobility.

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