Seeds in the desert

Sowing seed in the desert

Sometimes it just gets a little too much.
Too much self-sabotage
Too many losses to the pandemic
Too much disruption to your life
Too many self-inflicted wounds.
Whether its your own fault
Or you just find yourself caught
In a chaotic time in history,
It feels like the ground is too dry
For food to grow
And your throat is too parched
To ask for help,
And the oasis you thought you saw in the distance
Turns out to be a mirage.
Life is hard.
But palm trees do grow in the desert
And hope is often forged in affliction.
Often when the odds are stacked against you,
You hold your breath
And withhold your seed;
Confiscating your best bet
To a greener pasture.
Yes, you’re in the desert,
But keep

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