Afro bubble gum

Art for art’s sake.
Joy at just being joyful.
Laughing with a friend
At a shared silent joke.
Smiling at the smell of rain
Gyrating to the rhythms
Of transcendent sound.
Living normal life
With the people you love.
Frivolous pursuits
That make the heart sing.
Simple pleasures.
Complex adventures.
These are things
I wish to come to mind
When I think of Africa.

But they are not.
We always seem
To be fighting
Demanding to be seen
Asking for better
Or asking for help.
Perhaps some of us
Will have other things to say
Other than stories of
Or transient relief from
Unrelenting tragedy.
Afro bubble gum
Is a request for stories
About Africa with
More happiness.
More beauty
More African champions
More human.

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