The language of pain

Doesn’t belong
To the objective learned ones,
From the experience of it.
It belongs to
The ones not sleeping as a result of it
The ones afraid to bear children because of it,
The ones who go from one doctor to another
Looking for relief.
It belongs to the mother who can sense
When her infant is not well
To the old man
That feels that something is amiss
Within his members
To the child with a skinned knee.
The knowledge and skillset
To solve the problem
Belong to the health professional,
But the body itself and the language
Of its distress
Belong to the patient.
The task of medicine
Is to use the science
To interperet the human experience
Not dictate it,
To fashion health delivery
Around the values of a comminity,
And not simply propogate
Inherited structures,
So that the system
Serves the people-
Not the other way around.

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