The church is not a product

To buy
Nor a show to attend
Nor a business to invest in-
It is a body to belong to.
Those that sit in her pews
Are not audience members
Seeking entertainment,
They are members of a symphony,
Participants in a dance a dance of grace
Where sinners get their day of
Reckoning with mercy,
Where the imperfect
Meet Perfection
Where crooked motives
Are made whole,
Where the work of
Self-deternination ceases,
Where souls find
The church does not gather to consume
Content and rate it
To sing songs for its own sake
To build cathedrals for our own egoes.
The church is a living organism
Spanning millenia
Traversing culture
Thriving under persecution
Persisting through neglect
Uniting a disparate people
To gather in response
To a Holy God in pursuit of us.

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