The voice of leadership

Leaders have the ability
To not just call out greatness
Where it didn’t exist
In the people they lead
They are also very capable
Of diminishing whatever spark
That may have been there in the
First place.
Its one thing to have an ‘eye’
For talent, for potential
With the added benefit
Of that realized human potential
Being valuable to your organization,
It is quite another to have the eye to see
Whether the disheveled non participaory teenager in the pew
Is grappling extreme disillusionment
Or is just plain rebellious.
Leaders that think little of the people
They lead based on how things appear
Often fail to appreciate
That people often rise or fall
To the level that their leaders
Expect of them.
Humans are not benign.
How we treat them
Has a significant impact
On how they ultimately behave
In our organisations.
Use your power
With intention.

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