The Long Game

We are not in a rush.
We have no points to prove,
Just goals to achieve.
We are not out here
Trying to appear
Like we have ‘arrived’
When the journey has really
Just begun.
We are not ashamed
Of starting small.
We will not dismiss ourselves
Because we have been overlooked by others.
We will not measure ourselves
By the success of other people,
We will celebrate every win-
Theirs and ours.
We will learn from others
But we will not be marked absent from our own
School of hard knocks.
We will not cheat
Or perpetually stand in the strength of others
Without attempting to grow the strength
Of our own legs.
We will not repeatedly pick
Low hanging fruit,
Lest our fruit basket gets full
Of things we only half-wanted.
We are not in a rush
And we will not be rushed.
We knew from the start
That this was not a sprint-
We are in it for
The long game.

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