Worst Case Scenarios

Are oddly appealing.
They play up too perfectly
To my fears,
They taste like the truth
And dress themselves
With great importance,
Demanding to be seen
And savored
In advance.
Somehow playing out
The worst version of events
In my mind
Feels like good preparation
For the future,
Even if those events
Are largely unlikely.
Its uncanny how much easier it is
To trust my own judgement
When predicting disaster
Than it is to
Take a deep breath
And actually assess the situation
And come to a balanced conclusion-
It just doesn’t sell as well.
Its a shame because
If my sense of hope
Was half as powerful
As my dread of misfortune
Then half the pain
Of the uncertainty of life
Would be mitigated,
And so the story I tell myself
About how things may turn out
Becomes more damaging
Than any real life events
That ever take place.

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