In love with the roar

There’s a cheap kind of progress
That’s the equivalent of
Wanting a pet lion
That can only roar
But never bite.
Its one thing to say all the right things
When it comes to diversity and inclusion
And quite another to actually
Accept that the world is complex
And that your simplified way
Of moving through it
Won’t cut it anymore.
Real change is often inconvenient,
And inertia is more real
Than most of us will acknowledge.
More important
Than doing or saying things
To keep you out of trouble
Is figuring out why
Its been so easy for you to
Uphold an unjust status quo-
If you’re honest
Its not just because you weren’t aware of the facts-
Dig deep. Be honest.
If you really believe
The world should be a fairer place
Its not sufficient to want a pet version
Of change.
If you’re going to allow the lion in
It may as well have teeth.

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