Role Play

What happens 

When our virtual lives

Come to play in the real world?

Can they?

Is it possible 

For the content we’ve consumed

And the contributions we’ve made online 

To nudge us to becoming a people 

With temperaments that are better suited 

For the Internet 

Than actual reality? 

We live as double agents

One foot in our geographical neighbourhood

The other in a virtual jungle-

And we don’t always play 

The same role in both worlds.

Where life circumstances 

Have rendered us to be lizards,

The Internet has afforded us 

The status of crocodiles:

Playing the part digitally,

But just not having the bite 

In real life.

But the lines are blurry.

Where exactly does 

Who we are on the Internet begin

And where does it end?

The lizard ought not to forget 

It’s stripes. 

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