It takes more than passionate individuals

To make lasting change today.

Every effort to shift society 

Faces double layers of red tape-

First the resistance of those deeply incentivised

To believe in the status quo

And then the layer of apathy

Of those too cynical to ask for better.

Even within the world of changemakers

There is an eternal tussle between 

‘Woke’ individuals 

And those on the verge of ‘woke fatigue’.

There are fewer common enemies 

And we’re growing increasingly numb to the pains

Of injustice. 

Being the one exception

Who makes it out 

Isn’t good enough anymore,

Because we’ve had enough of tokens

And we are ready to redeem the real thing-

Real change.

Instead of looking for a wind to fill the sails 

Of a few boats

Maybe it will serve us all better 

To search for the rising tide

That lifts us all. 

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